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SoMedicalSupplies is a professional medical-surgical disposable protective supplies factory based-in China with 10 years experience. We offer a variety of disposable protective products, such as disposable face masks, gowns, coverall, overall, SMS bed sheet, caps, shoe cover, etc.

Our Factory can meet global markets requirement, with CE, FDA certificates, and all the production followed the ISO 13485 standard to make sure the quality of products.

The production capacity based on multi production lines is up to 120HQ container per month.

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Certificates Qualifies

Manufacturing high quality products you need and meet your markets requirement.

  • ISO13485 Standard
  • CE, FDA approved

The Quality of Products Meets With Global Standards

Care was taken from the raw materials like the main PP and non-woven fabric, and all the manufacturing process followed ISO standard. the quality control SOPs and experienced QC staff of 10 all with over 3 years experience. Exporting high volume disposable protective supplies all over the world each year.

Considerate Services to Support Your Win the Customers and Market

We will provide the customer with excellent services that meet the client’s standards and expectations. Also, we will be responsible for any defective supplies and follow up with the matter in a timely and professional manner. The shorter lead-time is guaranteed by our long-year experience in this industry.

  • Thanks for your kindness supporting! In this special period when the world is fighting against this virus, the protective products you made and delivery really mean a lot to us.
    Jennifer Lee
  • Serious company and sales, good quality and service. I highly recommend this company if you looking for a reliable disposable face mask and surgical gowns supplier.
    Rafał Olbromski
  • Thanks for your invitation, Susan. The products you sent to us are of good quality, and I'm very happy to work with your company and you. Will order again and again in near future.
    Sara Wright

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